KOROS – A Collection of Side & Low Tables by ELIN HEDBERG

KOROS – A Collection of Side & Low Tables by ELIN HEDBERG

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The supporting frame is made of aluminium, using a complex extrusion and die casting techniques. The modular structure also gives Koros its lightness and sturdiness. Units come in three different shapes. Each one is a fusion of artistic inspiration and carefully measured dimensions. This creates the perfect balance of aesthetics and functionality. The units can be easily interchanged to create unique combinations that fit every environment. The side table is a single body made of five individual units. It is the perfect fit for living room sofas and armchairs, as well as a beautiful bedroom night stand. The low table is a simpler structure made of three units. Multiple low tables can be put together to create different combinations, or simply a larger table top surface. Koros can also be combined into more complex sculpture-like pieces. The shelving unit is designed to decorate large spaces and can hold objects of different sizes.

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Extruded aluminium and joints in die-cast aluminium, epoxy powder coated


Bronze mirrored glass or Valchromat®

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