Knit 2 Seater Sofa Design by Patrick Norguet

Knit 2 Seater Sofa Design by Patrick Norguet

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Knit is an elegant, chic and absolute stunning collection. It is a complete line of tables, chairs and lounge chairs in teak and woven rope that expresses with refinement a perfect synthesis of aesthetics, functionality and ergonomics. The iconic collection is enriched by the new version in pickled teak and light grey rope and the rocking version of the lounge chair with high back, thus offering a new and special interpretation of the classic Bergère.

2 Seater Sofa with frame in teak or mahogany and upholstery in weaved rope.

Made in Italy

Designer : Patrick Norguet

Brand : Ethimo

Cushions - Set of 2:
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Teak or Mahogany - Shell Upholstered in waved Rope



The hard yellowish-brown wood of teak used especially for furniture and shipbuilding .

Ethimo teak comes from controlled forest plantation in Thailand and Indonesia. The result is an excellent and high quality material, ideal for outdoor furniture. It is particularly resistant to changes in temperature, water, humidity and saltwater.

Painted Mahogany

As for painted wooden furniture, Ethimo chooses mahogany  from regulated Indonesian plantations.  

Mahogany is a very durable hardwood, extremely suitable for outdoor use, also commonly used in boat building. After drying and before painting, the wood is treated with a sealant which closes the pores making it waterproof, guaranteed by a special procedure for fixing the color.

Ropes in polypropylene and acrylic.

The ropes used in the ETHIMO collections are made specially for outdoor use and made in a synthetic material that is highly resistant to UV rays, abrasion and atmospheric events. These are different in their cross section (flat and round) and composition ( polypropylene for the Flat Rope, acrylic for the Round Rope), and are used to create extremely practical and comfortable woven chairs and chair-back.

DIMENSIONS   ·       

·   Product Dimensions:

Height – 24.80’’ (63 cm) ; Width – 52.36” (133 cm) ; Depth – 27.55” (70 cm) : Seat height 13.77’’ (35 cm); Arm Height 19.68’’ (50 cm)

Ethimo sofa dim.jpg

Material colours available:

T1 Natural teak

T1 Natural teak

T5 Pickled teak

T5 Pickled teak

R70 Flat Rope Lava Grey

R70 Flat Rope Lava Grey

Cushion fabric available:

A28 Acrylic Black Stone

A28 Acrylic Black Stone