Kilt Stackable Dining Armchair Design by Marcello Ziliani - Set of 4

Kilt Stackable Dining Armchair Design by Marcello Ziliani - Set of 4

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Marcello Ziliani designed for Ethimo Kilt, a chair synonymous of the best quality required by a design destined for the outdoors in one single product. The collection comes in versions with frame in teak or in stainless steel, which makes Kilt a versatile product, capable of expressing different looks and interpreting its setting with uniqueness and without upsetting the balance of colour and aesthetics.

Armchair with frame in teak and upholstery in Comfortable flat rope. Stackable.

Made in Italy

Designer : Marcello Ziliani

Brand : Ethimo

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Teak and Rope


Teak :

The hard yellowish-brown wood of teak used especially for furniture and shipbuilding .

Ethimo teak comes from controlled forest plantation in Thailand and Indonesia. The result is an excellent and high quality material, ideal for outdoor furniture. It is particularly resistant to changes in temperature, water, humidity and saltwater.

Ropes in polypropylene and acrylic.

The ropes used in the Ethimo collections are made specially for outdoor use and made in a synthetic material that is highly resistant to UV rays, abrasion and atmospheric events. These are different in their cross section (flat and round) and composition ( polypropylene for the Flat Rope, acrylic for the Round Rope), and are used to create extremely practical and comfortable woven chairs and chair-back.

DIMENSIONS   ·       

·  Product Dimensions: Height – 29.13’’ (74 cm) ; Width – 23.62” (60 cm) ; Depth – 22.83” (58 cm) : Seat height 17.71’’ (45 cm)

Kilt stainless steel.png

Material colours available:

T1 Natural teak

T1 Natural teak

RCS Round Rope Sand

RCS Round Rope Sand