Costes Rectangular Dining Table Design by Ethimo Studio

Costes Rectangular Dining Table Design by Ethimo Studio

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Ethimo Studio designed a multi functional collection adapt to any context. Tables, sofas, chairs available in different materials and colors. A wide selection of elements that are further enriched by unexpected finishes dedicated to the mountain environment.

Rectangular Coffee table in pickled-finish or natural teak or painted mahogany available in two dimensions.

Made in Italy

Designer : Ethimo Studio

Brand : Ethimo

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Teak :

The hard yellowish-brown wood of teak used especially for furniture and shipbuilding .

Ethimo teak comes from controlled forest plantation in Thailand and Indonesia. The result is an excellent and high quality material, ideal for outdoor furniture. It is particularly resistant to changes in temperature, water, humidity and saltwater.

Pickled Teak

Teak with vintage charm. First it is brushed to give the surface a rougher, older appearance, and remove the natural oil coating. Then it is tinted. For the grey pickled finish after being brushed, the teak is treated to give it a silver grey coating with an antique effect. For the chocolate version, after being brushed, the surface is treated with a warmer, intense color, that still allows the original vein markings of the teak to shine through. This finish gives the wood long-lasting protection from oxidation.

DIMENSIONS   ·       

·  Product Dimensions: Height – 29.52’’ (75 cm) ; Width – 94.48’’ (240 cm) ; Depth – 62.99’’ (160 cm)

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Product Dimensions: Height – 29.52’’(75 cm) ; Width – 118.11’’ (300 cm) ; Depth – 43.30’’ (110 cm)

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Material colours available:

T1 Natural teak

T1 Natural teak

T5 Pickled teak

T5 Pickled teak