Sidera Barstool H 76 - H 61

Sidera Barstool H 76 - H 61

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Dal Segno, based in Northeast Italy, produces contemporary design and Italian style furniture, reinterpreting the classics thanks to a solid experience in design and furniture trends. Dal Segno was established in 2005 by a group of people passionately fond of design.

The collection is suitable for all environments where style, comfort and function are essential factors.

Dal Segno patented the silky touch shell, that consists of an injected mould techno polymer shell. It’s available in Beige, Red, White, and Black. Sidera barstool has a solid ash wood base. Stools come in 76cm and 61cm seat heights.

Seat Height:
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Sidera barstool is sold 1 pc at a time.

Shell + Base 76H (64L x 55W x 84H cm) 6kg



Height: 112cm                                

Depth: 62cm                                   

Width: 58cm                                   

Seat Height: 76cm                         

Weight: 6                                         


Shell in Technopolymer

Technopolymer (plural technopolymers) is a plastic material used to fabricate something usually made of metal.