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Xenia collection of folding chairs can be used in different areas kitchen, living, occasional seating. Three variants available a chair with armrest, an armchair, and finally a lounge chair.

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The eu/canistro collection offer armchair, two seat and two-seat large sofa. The main features are the unexpected softness and extreme comfort of the seat.



A monocoque chair created with the idea of using Woodstock® (a material made of wood dust and polypropylene, normally employed in the automobile industry)


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Mini Wood Cheese Set

In the Italian city of cutlery, Maniago, DUE CIGNI (Two Swans) has been producing with passion kitchen scissors and knives of high quality for over a century. First choice steel, innovative design and the maximum attention to the details.

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450mm Multifunctional Cutting Board

Handsome chopping block relies on traditional butcher-block end-grain construction to withstand heavy daily use. The 1.57”-thick block makes a beautiful, enduring addition to the kitchen.

Dimensions : 45 x 31,5 x 4 cm

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250mm Chef Knife (1896)

Blade length: 250mm (385mm overall length)

Blade: Stainless Steel 4116 HRC55/57 - X50CrMoV15

Handle: Walnut wood



Barcelona Lounge

Barcelona Lounge Chair Replica is a high-end reproduction 100% Made in Italy.It is a chair designed by Ludwig Mies van de Rohe and Lilly Reich.


Le Corbusier LC4 Chaise Lounge

The LC4 is the definitive chaise lounge built in a shape designed for relaxion. The stability of the frame for any angle of inclination is guaranteed by the friction through rubber tubes that cover the cross bar of the base.


Tulip Chair

Reproduction 100% Made in Italy. Eco Leather or fabric cushions. The Tulip chair was designed by Eero Saarinen in 1955 and 1956.

Dal Segno


Belle Epoque Chair

Dal Segno is the designer of this beautiful chair. Inspired by the elegance and style of last century’s chairs, Belle Époque features the minute details that enrich and refine a piece, making it synonymous with magnificence and style.


People Armchair - Set of 4

People is a comfortable armchair in transparent polycarbonate. Great charm and visual appeal bring a touch of elegance and irony to any home or public area. Shell in polycarbonate quilted pattern. Legs in natural solid ash wood.


Belle Epoque Round Table

Designed by Dal Segno, Prisma chairs have polycarbonate shell’s available in clear, fumé or amber. The frame can be rodwire or natural solid ashwood.

Fratelli Antonini Fu Giulio

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The barbecue grill set FAMA includes 4 tools: one meat fork, one barbecue tongs, one knife and one spatula. All the tools have long handles to facilitate the operation on the grill. Single piece length 54cm. Durmast wood handle.


4 Kitchen Knives Set

The kitchen knives set FAMA of ONDA line includes 4 pieces: kitchen scissor, paring knife (cm.11), chef knife (cm.20) and one santoku knife (cm.18). Packaged in an elegant black gift box.


Beech Knife Block

The white painted knife block FAMA of ONDA line includes 8 kitchen tools: meat fork (cm.19), bread knife (cm.22), paring knife (cm.11), chef knife (cm.20), santoku knife (cm.18), ham knife (cm.26), carving knife (cm.22) and one kitchen scissor. An elegant solution,



Grand Life Bergere

Grand Life Design by Christophe Pille, is a collection of lounge chairs destined for large and prestigious outdoor spaces. The pickled or natural teak structure with metal core is covered with large cushions that welcome the body with a feeling of deep and enveloping comfort.


Lucerna LED Rechargeable Lamp

Lucerna takes its name from ancient Roman oil lamps but has a techno soul, thanks to its LED light and dual system with chargeable battery and pull-out cable, protected by a waterproof body in anodised metal, with a steel or brass look finish.


Costes Sunbed

Ethimo Studio designed a multi functional collection adapt to any context. Tables, sofas, chairs available in different materials and colors. A wide selection of elements that are further enriched by unexpected finishes dedicated to the mountain environment.



Ala Chair

The Ala Garden Collection was created between the award-winning designers Chiaramonte and Marin. It is formed of pleasing curved lines and is designed for year-round outdoor use.


Athena Rectangular Table

The Athena table creates a perfect union with the sessions of the same series. The plan repeats the ornamental motif of the interwoven sheet metal typical of the armchairs of the family and is designed to provide a perfect service functionality and practically for hours of outdoor relaxation.


Arc En Ciel Rectangular Table

Arc En Ciel is a collection dedicated to those wanting to furnish and enjoy their outdoor spaces in full, however small they are. It is a collection where no production detail has been neglected to ensure that scale and usability need not impede on aesthetics and durability.

Gurisan Sedie



Gurisan Sedie offers a collection of old American style products. The company is located in Manzano, the North East of Italy, and the manufacturing process has remained artisan.

GS/5L chair represent the style, the structure is made in beech wood, lacquered or painted in several colours.



Gurisan Sedie offers a collection of old American style products. The company is located in Manzano, the North East of Italy, and the manufacturing process has remained artisan.

US30 chair represent the style, the structure is made in beech wood, lacquered or painted in several colours.



Gurisan Sedie offers a collection of old American style products. The company is located in Manzano, the North East of Italy, and the manufacturing process has remained artisan.

GS/21 chair represent the style, the structure is made in beech wood, lacquered or painted in several colours.

Casa Living Design



Sapiens is the famed bookcase design by Bruno Rainaldi.

It is formed of a rectangular section 100x30 mm with independent shelves. The books are arranged horizontally on its shelves in such a way that the bookcase frame is concealed. The resulting effect is a suspended column of books! Sapiens is the ideal bookcase for small living rooms or not so spacious bedrooms


Serie 7 Jacobsen Chair

The original Series 7 Chair was designed by Arne Jacobsen in 1955. Our replica, 100% Made in Italy, has a stainless steel base that is polished for a high shine. The seat is made of beech wood or ash wood, and back available in several wood finishes and lacquer colours. Also stackable.


Dobby ergonomic swivel stool

Dobby is an ergonomic stool providing healthy posture and supporting an alert mind.

The oval seat upholstered in real leather and the metal frame is available in different colours with adjustable height.

Filippo Ghezzani

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Formosa 2 Seat Sofa

Formoso is a two-seater sofa in ultra-soft ecological leather, 100% made in Italy. It was created to recreate an intimate and warm atmosphere in which to relax with the family, it is the ideal solution to furnish your home according to a new design that reinterprets the classic canons of the most traditional living rooms.


Monsieur F. Sofa

Monsieur F is a three-seater sofa Entirely covered in precious velvet’s. Playing on the alternation between one, two or more sofas to be combined or kept separate, even of different colors for monochromatic effects or alternating tones, it is possible to create welcoming islands in which to enjoy one's free time in absolute relaxation.


Mademoiselle T Sofa

Entirely covered in precious velvet’s, Mademoiselle T is a modular system of light seating, characterized by a marked aptitude to change in order to create ever new furnishing solutions in line with modern contemporary living. A system with a dynamic character in which the elements make up an original play of soft volumes.



Ray 262

ORIGINS 1971 COLLECTION BY PALMA - The shell of these small armchairs and stools has a wide opening at the upholstered seat. A feature which, as well as lightening the overall design of the seat, facilitates its movement, a particularly popular bonus in contract furnishing.


Eden 118

ORIGINS 1971 COLLECTION BY PALMA - The Eden 118 has a back with soft and decorative shapes that is reminiscent of the atmosphere in typical Italian bars and restaurants within the twentieth century.


Nob 227

ORIGINS 1971 COLLECTION BY PALMA - The arched, slim lines of the back are set within a frame in solid wood with softly rounded shapes which creates a warm feeling and a sense of continuity with the frame and the legs.